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We are a marketing agency committed to helping you grow your business.

We create high-performing advertisements ALL digital mediums. Search Engines, Social Media, Email, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Over the Top (OTT), Games and Apps.

Custom Websites

WordPress is the most popular website platform. It is low cost, easy to maintain, and supported everywhere. Our talented designers will a custom website setup for SEO and Analytics.

Search Engine Optimization

Your WordPress website will be setup for on-page SEO using Yoast. We then optimize search engine rankings using customer reviews, citations, social media ads, and authoritative backlinks.

What is a Marketing Slayer?

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Focus On
Bottom Line

Your marketing efforts must provide acceptable Return On Investment. Focus on the bottom line means analyzing your business, industry and developing a sound strategy. We understand where marketing fits into your budget and where to make changes that are both cost effective and provide significant results.

Inbound & Outbound

Businesses are not all created equal. Differentiation and focus on an inbound marketing strategy is one way to a competitive advantage. A modern way of thinking about marketing, developed by Hubspot. inbound is a philosophy which replaces the traditional funnel marketing with a flywheel approach based on the idea of  Attract -> Engage -> Delight. We believe that a hybrid strategy that includes inbound & outbound is more likely to adapt to social behaviour changes.  

Educated &

Marketing Slayer Media is a Honolulu based company led by Andy Sabo. Mr. Sabo earned a Bachelors in Business & Entrepreneurial Studies and MBA at Hawaii Pacific University. Mr. Sabo has been a consultant since 1996 and has worked in IT, Software Development, Web Design, Education, Project Management, Business Finance, CRE Finance, and Marketing.

Work Hard
Meet Deadlines

Exceed customer expectations and meeting all deadlines is an important aspect of a small consultative business, such as ours. This is done by only taking on projects in our area of expertise and proper management using software tools and working with team members that are committed to our success.

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