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How Much For a WordPress Website?

It Depends Many factors affect WordPress website pricing. So, before asking how much for a WordPress website, consider load speed performance, reliable hosting, security, great design, unique and interesting content, and optimization for search engines. In general, costs depend on your needs, but here are 10 factors that affect website costs, the highest of which will most likely be content, SEO, and business integrations. A Great Domain Name Great domain… Read More »How Much For a WordPress Website?

Updated Pricing for Marketing Services

Why the Drastic Changes Marketing Slayer started doing business in 2018 and pricing was based on increasing demand for social media advertising services on Facebook and Instagram. The customers we have been working with have seen a wave of new marketers offering services at high rates, without considering the increase in ad cost by the platforms. Social Media Ads Don’t Work For everyone. Okay, I got your attention, but the… Read More »Updated Pricing for Marketing Services