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WordPress Website Cost Estimates

How Much Should a WordPress Website Cost? It Depends

Let’s break down the annual cost for a basic WordPress website, built out and ready to deliver promised leads for your business. These prices are estimates by most popular providers found on Google. Although you will find WordPress website costs will be quite attractive on some websites, take a look at the actual cost breakdown with all the bells and whistles.

First of all, WordPress is free. So what are you paying for?

Domain Name Cost $7.99 to $11.99

You could pay as much as $2,000 for a domain. Buying special domains by paying big bucks to domain brokers makes sense if your product is SaaS or PaaS. Otherwise, you can get a domain for about $7.99 to $11.99 per year from Godaddy. Keep in mind, domain names that contain your keyword phrases may get you a penalty form Google.

WordPress Web Hosting Cost $120

Hosting services are very competitive and there are three that seem to dominate the market in 2019. First is GoDaddy, which dominates the market. Their cost is $1 per month the first year, and $9.99 per month after that. Of course you must pay for 2 years up front. The second is BlueHost, which goes for $5.65 per month with a free domain for the first year. Finally, there’s InMotion Hosting, which costs $7.99 and includes free shared SSL, and they have a deal where they will build a basic WordPress site for $99. For dedicated servers, you could be paying $300 per month, plus maintenance.

Graphic Design Services $50 to $150 per hour

Graphic design services are one of those things that you get what you pay for. This kind of service is custom, so the cost is determined by hours. A good graphic designer is worth their weight in gold.

WordPress Plugins $0 to $100

Most plugins are free with limited features or configurations. In spite of that, you will most likely need to upgrade to the pro version. The cost for most is about $50 per year. Of course there are a few that provide value and charge for it. One such plugin is $99 per month. That’s for a plugin.

WordPress Templates for Low Cost Design – $0 to $100

WordPress templates are an easy way to get your website going. Be careful when shopping for templates, sometime we get caught up in the images, which are not always included. Also, some of the tools, like WordPress Bakery can affect the performance of your website, thereby affecting your search results ranking.

Website Content Generation – $1000+ monthly

Typical costs for web content is anywhere from $1000 per month on up. That usually does not include keyword research and sometimes the accuracy of the information is questionable. For that reason, it is best to have a subject matter expert create an outline and suggest keywords.

Speedy Loading Times are Key to Getting Good Rankings $25 to $1000

Google is very impatient and if they have to wait more than 3 seconds, you are toast. There are caching plugins for about $25 that can reduce the load speed along with reducing image sizes and compressing text. A consultant may charge about $500 to $1000 to fix your website.

Business and Marketing Integrations $100 per hour

Integrations with a CRM System, Newsletter System, SharePoint, or using Zapier to connect to other systems are usually part of your overall budget. Most consultants charge about $100 per hour to handle the IT.

Search Engine Optimization $500 to $2500 monthly

SEO services are ongoing and take a few months to see results. The basic elements are put in place in the beginning and after a few months, only maintenance and updates are required to maintain position. This costs about $500 – $2500 per month. Check out our low rates.

Programming Services $100 to $125 per hour

Some websites require custom code and integrations with a DBMS system, AI system, Customer Portal, on-call sales service, or other APIs.

Actual Cost Around $2000

Additional Monthly Costs About $500 – $1000

The setup of your WordPress website and initial content will be about $2000. After that, SEO and content generation will be from $500 to $1000. Of course you can create a WordPress website for much less, but not if you want it to perform. If you want a website that will get traffic that turns into conversions for your business, you need to plan the cost from the beginning and expect that it takes months to get ranking on the search engines.

Our Prices

$1499 for a 5 page custom WordPress website.

$2499 for a 10 page custom WordPress website.

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